Basketball Shooting- How to Improve your Basketball Shooting?

Proper basketball shooting technique and good form are imperative, if you want to excel in your basketball shooting game. No one can shoot at 100% effectiveness all the time, so perfection in basketball shooting is not achievable, but developing appropriate mechanics is the first step to becoming an excellent shooter.

The key to becoming a great shooter is correcting potential unfavorable flaws by learning appropriate technique to develop shooting consistency.

This article will address fundamental basketball shooting tips, while maintaining a stationary position. Shooting while in motion and advanced footwork will not be covered here. Once motionless basketball shooting mechanics have been mastered, techniques for shooting in game situations can be practiced. Below, each important aspect of stationary shooting is covered in detail.

Basketball Shooting Tips & Techniques Below

1.) Focus On The Target:

a.) The basketball rim is your target. You must locate it as rapidly as possible, to enhance accuracy.
b.) Eyes must remain on the target and not shift to the ball after release.

2.) Balance And Proper Stance

a.) Feet should be shoulder-width apart and staggered, with the shooting foot placed slightly ahead of the following foot. Feet should be pointed in the general direction of the target (basket). It’s not necessary to point feet directly at the basket.

b.) Stance should be comfortable and consistent. Feet can be squared with the basket or, if more comfortable, a right-handed shooter may point his feet slightly to the left of the basket and vice versa, for a more natural stance. Stace should be consistent for all shots.

c.) Body should be flexed with knees bent.

3.) Finding And Using Your “Shot Pocket”

a.) Move the ball into your shot pocket as you catch it.
b.) Most important! Visually form a straight line from your eye to the ball, then to the basket.
c.) Maintain proper grip and shooting stance, with the ball held just above the waist.
d.) Consistency is always the key.

4.) Appropriate Ball Grip

a.) Spreading apart your fingers enough to grip the ball comfortably with one hand, line up the ends of your fingers along the ball seams. This is crucial for placing spin on the ball.
b.) An air space should be formed between the index and middle finger, and between the ball and the center of the palm.
c.) With the ball resting on your fingertips, a pencil should fit between the ball and the palm of your hand.

5.) Balancing the Ball In Your Hands

a.) Your “balance hand” or non-shooting hand should never add English to the ball. It should always be placed on the side of the basketball.
b.) To avoid adding spin or velocity to the shot from the balance hand, it should always leave the ball first and remain stationary upon shot delivery.

6.) Delivering The Shot

a.) Shooting motion should be straight upward, with elbow under the ball.
b.) The ball should never be extended behind the head as core strength is used to uncoil the body, starting at the legs.
c.) Elbow, then wrist should follow through straight towards the rim.
d.) If English is applied to the ball, it should be applied with the shooting hand, as the balance hand remains stationary.
e.) The ball should be released just before the peak of the jump.

7.) Shot Follow-Through

a.) Wrists should remain relaxed, with fingertips pointed towards the basket rim.
b.) Your hand should be visible to you, at a high point, in line with the square on the backboard.
c.) Follow through should be held until the ball connects with the rim.
d.) Feet should land where they started.

More Basketball Shooting Tips Coming Soon

I hope you enjoyed this basketball shooting tip. Check back in a couple of days for more great articles to help you take your basketball game to the next level. If there are any basketball shooting tips you want to know just leave me a comment below.


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